Custom Homes: 5 Reasons to Build vs Buy Your Next House

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into your new house and realizing everything is exactly as you dreamed it would be.

That is, after all, the biggest draw of custom homes: you get to design or choose every element. You have control over the final output. And the result is only dictated by your desires and your budget.

But there are other reasons as well to choose custom-built homes. In case you’re looking forward to a brand new house and are on the fence between production home builders or custom home builders, this post will tackle the differences between the two, and then outline the best reasons for building custom homes.

Production Home Builders vs Custom Home Builders

Production-based home builders are easy to spot. They’re developed in larger groups of similar cookie-cutter structures, with a little variation for each. The developers give you a range of models and price ranges to choose from, although the choices are typically limited. Once you select, you get both the home and the land it stands on. These production homes are usually built and priced for first-time buyers, new families, or those seeking to upgrade from their former homes or apartments.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have custom home builders. These houses are built on land you already own separately. To get the home design you want, you can work with a separate architect or with a company that does both designing and building. This means you’re more involved with decision making on many levels – from choosing floor plans to choosing final products that fit your style and budget.

The Reasons You Should Go Custom

With all those differences laid out, why should you still look into building custom homes rather than settling for a production home?

01. Custom Homes are Designed Around Your Needs

The biggest reason for looking into custom built homes is that you get to customize it exactly as you see fit.

A production home is designed without your input. You pick a design and hope to fit your life into that pre-chosen floor plan. But if you go custom, you dictate your needs and craft the home around them, instead of the other way around.    

02. Custom Homes are Built For Your Future

Another thing to think about: a production home may be great for you right now. But what happens when your family grows and you need more space? Often, the lot your production home is built on won’t be able to accommodate an extension. That means uprooting your family and starting the long process of finding a new house.  

Only custom built homes can be built with your future in mind. It gives you the chance to create a home that is future-proof and expansion-friendly.    

03. Custom Homes are Built Where You Want

Let’s face it: production homes are built in locations you did not choose. You’re lucky if the schools in the area are good (if that matters to you). Or if there are groceries and retail areas that are nearby.

But custom-built homes are built on land you’ve chosen. You have total control over location.

04. Custom Homes Can Be Even More Efficient

All new homes will necessarily be up to the latest energy codes. Which means they’re already energy efficient.

But what if you want granular control over every fixture? A home built just for you will allow you to fine tune all your energy efficient features so you can save even more in monthly utility bills.  

05. Custom Homes Give You a Choice of Budget   

With production homes, you are given a bunch of options on large elements, such as countertops and carpeting. But the rest of your fixtures and finishes are mandated by the plan you choose. Sometimes you may end up paying for features you never wanted in the first place!

With custom built homes, you can be as extravagant or as budget-conscious as you wish on every element – assuming you want to make all those decisions. You could also trust the taste of your architect or design firm to make choices for you based on an agreed upon budget. The point is: pay for what you want. The choice is yours.  

Take Pride in a Home Made for You

Here’s something you may not realize: all of our customers tell us that the pride they take in their custom home is something they’ve never felt before with past houses. They tell us it’s because they were involved with the building process and could express their unique personalities through the choices they made.

Custom homes truly do reflect their owners in every way. They are personalized works of art that are one of a kind. You invest in your new home, not just financially, but also in the time and effort it takes to make it perfect.

If you want to build your next home so it fits your future perfectly, call us or message us and let’s begin!