11 Signs It’s Time to Consider Home Remodeling

Sometimes, a house renovation is exactly what’s needed to renew your love for your home (or at the very least, rekindle your interest in it) as well as improve the way your physical space functions. Home remodeling can improve your property and thereby increase its value for when you eventually sell. And for sure, it’s a way to improve your quality of life as it can make your house feel more modern, more efficient, and more beautiful. 

But, say your spouse hasn’t verbalized the need for home remodeling, what are clear signs that it’s time to consider a change? Here are eleven clear-cut signs that you need to seriously think about a house renovation.

A. Physical Reasons

01.Feels Outdated 

Not every element of your home will age gracefully. Remember gold bathroom fixtures from the 1990s? Or the mauve walls of the 1980s?  If you’re looking at your current wall colors and the hues no longer feel inspiring (or they’re simply beginning to chip), it’s time for a fresh coat of modern color. If you’re yearning to update the light green countertops to something more presentable, then it’s time to begin looking for a replacement that won’t embarrass you when the Jones family comes over. 

02. Fixtures Faulty 

Toilet tank constantly refilling even after you’ve flicked the flush handle several times? Faucets leaking no matter how carefully you close the taps? Tiles cracked? Chandeliers not working? It’s time to start looking through websites for home remodeling ideas. After all, why settle for something that doesn’t work?

03.Energy Inefficient

Sure, if you see that your washer and dryer seem to be driving your electric bills through the roof, it may simply warrant a visit to the nearest appliance store to replace inefficient appliances. But what if we’re talking about a 30-year-old water heater? Or what if you want to replace your single-panel windows with more energy efficient windows? If physical structures need to be changed to accommodate a replacement, you may want to look at initiating a real home remodeling project. 

04. Flooring Needs Fixing

The clearest sign that you need to renovate? When floor tiles start to come off, chip or break. Look through your bathrooms and kitchens — these are areas where you get the most foot traffic — to see whether there is any damage to floor tiles. This means the tile grouting is wearing out and you will need new tiles installed or have them totally replaced with wooden floors. 

Carpeting can start to look thin or worn after years of action. Look into installing new carpets or replacing them with hardwood flooring. 

Even hardwood floors can look scratched and scuffed. And while this may be a simple matter of refinishing the wood, there could be other things that need fixing on the floor.  

05. Roof Leaked

If your roof leaked, there will be water damage to your walls, beams, insulation, plaster, and even light fixtures. Which only means you will need to fix the damage not only to your walls but also to all the affected areas of your home. A bit of remodeling to take out the damaged portions and replace them with new materials will greatly ease your mind.

06. Termite Damage

When insects like termites or cockroaches start showing up, you don’t just get a bug infestation, you have potential property damage that could leave your home permanently affected. But after you’ve gotten rid of pests, you will need to renovate because of the deterioration that termites can cause to the wood in your house, and because insects nest in messy spots where it’s damp and dark. You may as well remove those spots and in so doing, deter pests from returning.

07.Dark Lighting  

Another reason to consider a home renovation is if you’re tired of making do with only one or two light sources in a room. If you’re starting to look at installing new light fixtures, or even going the extreme route and getting a skylight put into place where there was none before, then you will need to get the help of an experienced contractor.  

B. Life Situations

08. Empty Nest

Kids are suddenly off to college and the house feels a lot larger (and quieter) than it once was? Well then, now is a perfect time to think about remodeling a room into a home office, a den, a sewing room, or a workout room — whatever you’ve always dreamt of doing with an extra room. 

09. Family Growth

What better reason for a home remodeling than a new addition or two to the family? You’ll definitely need more space (who doesn’t?) or you’ll have to convert a room into a nursery. Another option is building an add-on room — this is one way to continue to live in the house you already have and yet be able to add much-needed space to the physical building. Best thing: an add-on can increase the value of your home. Just make sure you pick a great contractor so your addition is sure to match the existing structure.  

10. Retirement Nears

Another huge reason to renovate: you’re preparing for retirement and intend to use the home well into your golden years. Then it might be time to look into installing toilets and showers for those with limited mobility, alongside everyday solutions such as grab bars, wheelchair ramps, stairlifts, and more.   

11. Selling, Perhaps?

Whether your home is vintage or modern, if you’re planning to sell it, then you better start thinking about how to renovate. Buyers will expect all fixtures and appliances to work, all storage spaces cleared out, the walls clean and maybe even freshly painted. Plus, home renovations that improve the home add to its overall value. 

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